Digital Designer in Atlanta, GA

Focused in UI/UX and visual design of digital products and the consumption of chicken wings and *Boom Chicka popcorn.

Things I've worked on



A mobile app that helps those who have food allergies find restaurants, cafes, and other eating locations that will cater or accommodate to their specific diets and needs.

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TeachX is an mobile app that connects teachers and thought leaders in a variety of fields and disciplines. This can bring about different experience and opportunities that teachers can offer their students.

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A collection of design projects for a company that enables employers to train/upskill their employees using mobile technology instead of old and outdated methods.

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🔒 The Q'Niverse


An internal online resource which centralizes the brand guidelines and assets for LifeQ. LifeQ and HealthQ employees can access a variety of assets (i.e. icons, templates, images) while reviewing any guidelines and the proper implementation of these assets.

*Due to NDA policies, for more information on the project, please contact me.

Hello there! 👋

I'm Tien-Tien (pronounced tea-an twice)! I’ve always been a tinkerer. Making to create and creating to make. I began in video production and mass communication because I valued the ability to create worlds and tell stories for others to experience. The initial interaction that brought me to design was when I began dabbling with Adobe Illustrator due to school projects and pure curiosity.  It gave way to investigating other forms of design and fell upon user experience design. That’s when I realized that user experience design was how I wanted to tell stories.

My biggest influences have been YouTube and food (yes food). YouTube was what inspired me to go into video production and pursue the impact of connecting with people through stories. As for food, (I have a whole spiel on it), the main point is, I’ve never seen food as only a source of fuel. Growing up it has always been a platform to learn about others, and a way to show hospitality. It’s the energy and experience that food enables us to bring people together.

As I continue to grow as a designer, my understanding of design has evolved to associate it as a form of storytelling and hospitality. I aim to craft engaging media that communicate the intended voices for brands. I hope to create platforms that support human connection. I strive to design experiences that understand humans, so they can engage with joyful interactions.

Fun things

Jammin' to this Spotify playlist 90% of the time or making cover art for my other playlists

Taking care of Harry, Kyle, and Sabrina. See their progress here.

Currently reading Curse of the Painted Lady by K. Patrick Donoghue in my downtime.

My Design Process


I aim to understand the problem at hand by gathering stakeholders' input through surveys, performing interviews, and reviewing current trends and competitors in the marketplace.


Based on the research gathered, I'll begin to create a variety of of possible solutions by establishing the architecture, flows, stories, and mockups.


From lo-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity wireframes, I'll begin to implement these solutions and test the wireframes among users and adjust accordingly to feedback.


The wireframes are then turned into functional prototypes that can handed off to development or implementing it myself through front-end development.


Products are constantly evolving and after each round, the process begins all over again.

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